Turinabol is a brand name of anabolic androgenic steroids. The drug is classified as an oral steroid. The tool is a modification of chlorodehydromethyltestosterone.

Description of the drug

Turinabol refers to anabolic steroids taken orally. The half-life is 16 hours. Turinabol is metabolized in the liver and is highly bioavailable. This explains its great popularity among bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts, professionals and beginners.

The widespread use of the drug among professional weightlifters, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts is due to its remarkable benefits. The main features why athletes love it so much are:

  • rapid results in body relief;
  • relative health safety.
Description of the drug

Description of the drug

Turinabol is a milder hormone than other anabolic steroids. Like other anabolic steroids, it can:

  • reduce water retention in the cells;
  • promote the development of muscle mass;
  • give the muscles a well-formed and relieved appearance.

Also, taking the drug reduces swelling, which is important for athletes during performances and competitions.

Admission instructions

The undeniable advantage of Turinabol is the long-term effect of the results obtained. Among the most pronounced benefits is stimulation of muscle growth. Athletic performance depends primarily on strength, which in turn can be achieved using large muscles.

Turinabol is effective as a muscle growth stimulator in most cases. Additionally, professional athletes often manage to significantly increase their body weight by building lean muscle mass.

The drug is most effective for drying and weight loss. By increasing the metabolic rate, the calorie burning process is activated. The tool “forces” the body to burn fat cells, replenishing the energy released during this process during exercise.

Admission instructions

Admission instructions

Unlike other steroids, Turinabol can act as a versatile steroid used for both gaining lean body mass and reducing body fat.


For athletes intolerant to injections, the undeniable advantage of Turinabol is its release form in the form of tablets. The admission course is cyclical for 4-6 weeks.

The optimal dose is different for men and women. So, for women, the daily dose of the drug is 5-10 mg, for novice male athletes – 20 mg, for professional male athletes – 80-100 mg.